Update – E-2 Visa Reform

From Zoe Adams at e2visareform.org:

Well I thought I would write a quick update on how E2 visa holders are being included within all the Immigration Reforms being talked about at the moment.

We have 3 main chances so far

1) – the Senate Bill includes a section that says if you have been in the US in “Lawful Presence’ for over 10 years, you can apply for a Green Card. Good for people with kids on F1 visas or if you came originally on an H1b or L visa.

2) – also within the Senate Bill there is a section for children of undocumented immigrants – otherwise known as the ‘Dream Act’. We have asked Senator Rubio’s office to include our legal children within this and we have had a response more or less telling us they will be asking for an Amendment to do that.

3) – there is a Bill in the House at the moment – HR 2131 – that states if you have been on a Treaty Investor Visa for more than 10 years and employed 5 US citizens for more than 5 years, you can apply for a Green Card. We have been given the opportunity to ask for amendments and we have done so – asking for the time to be lowered and the employee number to be eliminated or lowered.

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Jessica Hadler Baines is founder of American Business Group Business Brokers, LLC based in Florida, USA. She has offered business brokerage and business visa/immigrations services and business start-up consultation since 2006.