Jessica’s Guide to Pitching a Potential Employer

No matter how young or old a job seeker is, there are a few things one can do to get noticed.  If you have little experience or are changing careers, these steps below will help identify you as the right person for the job who is professional and already an integral part of a potential employer’s industry. 1.  Have a smart, professional email address. Although employers always...

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Key Words, or “I’m Not a Motocross Superstar”

There is a major step that people often overlook when trying to establish an online presence to better reach their target demographic:  key words. Many people have found by utilizing key words, as searching by name alone won’t always return the best results.  For instance, go to your favorite search engine and search for “Jessica Hadler.”  You’ll discover that there is a motocross superstar, an MD in...

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Online Networking – It is Possible to Make Your Garden Grow

Everyone discusses the importance of networking and building their relationships in order gain more referrals.  However, most people are not consistent, nor do they follow-up beyond the traditional “Pleasure to meet you” email or the ever-endangered thank you card. The key to keep in mind is that in addition to attending networking events and charities, finding new ways to establish a presence in a community should...

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