American Business Group, LLC is proud to announce its new membership with the Florida Business Brokers Association (fbba.org).  Founded in 1985, the FBBA is a non-profit association that strives to improve and upgrade the business brokerage profession throughout the state.  All members must adhere to the FBBA Code of Ethics for Business Brokers, and are encouraged to seek out education and gain additional credentials, such as the Certified Business Intermediary (CBI) designation.

By promoting our services and business listings on a number of professional and business brokerage associations, ABG continues to increase its market share and reach a broader client base.  We are members of several associations, many which are listed below:

International Business Brokers Association

Business Brokers of Florida

Florida Business Brokers Association

Orlando Economic Development Commission

British-American Chamber of Commerce Orlando

Business Executive Network


Jessica Hadler Baines is founder of American Business Group Business Brokers, LLC based in Florida, USA. She has offered business brokerage and business visa/immigrations services and business start-up consultation since 2006.